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R.I.P Fast Food

The start of my keto journey has been slow, and so far not much has come of it, though I am just two days into my journey. I am one who loves fast foods. I love In and out more specifically I love the animal fries, covered in their cheesy gooey fat infested goodness, and then there’s the burgers, the mustard fried greasy all American burger topped off with a shake. I still love In and out and I still love milkshakes but, I also enjoy being healthy and being able to make it through the day without feeling like I needed to eat three double double animal style mustard fried burgers just to have energy. I am learning to order things more healthily, to put aside the bread and the potatoes and to embrace the protein style..which is a cheeseburger wrapped in lettuce. But the good thing about Keto is the cheese. I couldn’t do a lifestyle change without my partner in crime, without my love of cheese. In keto, you just have to find substitutes so you won’t have to give up what you love.

You don’t fully have to give up In and out. You don’t have to give up eating out or eating chips, you just have to find better alternatives. For example potato chips the lovable bag of fat that I could finish in one sitting can be replaced with pork rinds. I used to fear what I would eat because I know myself and I know I love chips, and ice cream, and eating out.  I also know I wouldn’t be able to order the veggie burger instead of the traditional burger or choose no Ice cream over ice cream( the horror) but with all of the amazing alternatives I won’t need to worry about my cravings and delicious bad habits or being hungry because this isn’t a diet filled with strict calorie counting or meal portioning and rules. From what my research and the information I have been given (Hi Aunty!) has told me is that on keto you can eat until your full and should never feel hungry.  Boy do I hope that is true, but my fellow ketoshian (still working on names) we shall find out together.

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