The Journey Begins

My Keto Journey did not begin when I started eating the Keto WOE (Way of Eating). Instead it started in 2013 when a co-worker convinced to me to try the Paleo WOE. We shared recipes (that is why I started this blog), tips, frustrations, and even made our own Kombucha! I saw SO many health benefits from changing my diet, the main one being that my “itchy spots” on my legs went away (I have had these my WHOLE LIFE) and no more stomach and intestinal issues. However, I still experienced “food comas” and feeling tired after I ate. I also was still prone to regular bouts of being “hangry” when it was close to meal time.

I have always been one of those people that you did not want to be around if I was hungry, skipped a meal, or felt like I may have gone too long between meals. It was something I felt I had to just live with and had always envied the people who could go until mid-day before they ate anything. I felt like people who fasted until sundown had super powers!

Then, in May of 2018, I saw the Magic Pill… That was a life changer for me.  Things made sense! Ditch the CARBS and eat more good fats! I was always that person that would greedily eat the crispy greasy skin off of a roasted chicken, or love the taste of eggs fried in bacon grease! Little did I know that it was my body begging for more fats. Carbs were leaving me hungry, bloated, and tired… and I now believe contributing to a less patient and more moody personality.

I won’t lie, the first few weeks were not that easy. Weaning myself off of  sugar and carbs was hard. My inner dialogue was: Feeling low energy? Grab a cupcake! Need a little boost? Drink a glass of sugar loaded “organic” juice! Hungry? How about a big plate of pasta with organic veggies!? To eat Keto meant I couldn’t turn to my age old friends breads, sugar, “dirty” carbs every time I needed cheap fast energy. It was a SO HARD at first. I found myself rebelling against me! So, I did what all of the wonderful people at Keto for Beginners told me me to do:

  1. Be patient, you will get “fat adapted” just give it time
  2. Be kind to yourself through this process, mentally beating yourself is not going to help your body heal.
  3. Make sure you are getting enough electrolytes, this is SUPER important. Many people experience leg cramps when they first go Keto because they need potassium. You can also get yourself some Gatorade Zero or Powerade Zero to help you get more electrolytes. This is considered “Dirty Keto”.
  4. Keto Flu is a “thing” (so make sure you do #3) and read this article to learn how to minimize the misery that is “Keto Flu”.
  5. If you are hungry eating a Keto diet, try eating more fats. Add avocado, olive oil, BACON, or coconut oil to your meal to see if that helps.
  6. DO NOT give up! Stick with it and know that the benefits WAY outweigh the initial discomfort and PIA efforts 😉
  7. Try a meal plan like this Free one. This is the one I followed to get me through the first few weeks. It helps, especially in the beginning when it can be so overwhelming.
  8. If you fall off the wagon, get right back on.
  9. If you are trying to lose weight, count inches not pounds (especially in the beginning). Many people retain water so the scale will LIE to you, and possibly make you feel discouraged. So, take your measurements through the process. Many people experience going down in pants sizes but not losing “weight”.
  10. Throw out all of the bad foods. I know it is hard to “throw away” food, but you have to start seeing those carbs and sugars as poison and not “food”.

Whew! Going back through that list I remembered what a journey it was.  Please trust me, it will get a LOT easier after you get used to eating this way (and making adjustments to your lifestyle). Because that it what this is, a lifestyle. It is not a “diet”. You shouldn’t feel hungry eating this way,  this is not a starve to lose weight plan. This is a new way of looking at food and caring for your body. If you stick with it , food will satisfy you and not burden you with guilt and regret. Just do it!

So, what is it like now for me? Well, about 8 months later and I couldn’t be happier with my choice to go Keto. I no longer experience getting “Hangry”, I can easily skip meals (checkout the benefits of Intermittent Fasting), I eat less and feel more full, and I have way MORE energy and endurance for my workouts!

I am updating this blog regularly with my go-to recipes (mostly so I don’t lose them and so that they are all in one place) that I like to share with friends and family. Please feel free to share and if you find ones that are keepers I would love to hear about them!

Thanks for joining me!

Melissa – Keto Mountain Girl

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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